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Speech & Articulation

SLP Endoscopix assists clients who are having difficulty producing clear speech. As with other areas of service, an evaluation will be required to assess the types of speech errors present, and identify how these errors are impacting speech clarity and intelligibility (ability to be understood by others). Following a comprehensive evaluation, which may include analysis of the client's speech at the word and speaking level, a treatment plan will be developed to address speech errors and improve speech clarity.

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What causes speech difficulties?

Difficulties with speech clarity or articulation may be developmental (e.g. a child may not acquire or produce sounds correctly at a given age). If these difficulties are not treated, they may become long-standing (e.g. a lisp that has been present for the individual's entire speaking history). Some individuals develop speech difficulties following a neurological event (such as a stroke or traumatic brain injury) or from a neurodegenerative disease (such as Parkinson's or Multiple Sclerosis). Finally, individuals may demonstrate reduced speech clarity, due to lack of annunciation or projection. 

How can SLP Endoscopix help you speak clearly and confidently?

We use a variety of evidence-based approaches to address reduced speech clarity and intelligibility. Making changes to your speech takes some practice and time, and we assist in guiding you through this practice in your therapy sessions and in your daily life. Through practice in a variety of speaking contexts, we will help you achieve your goal of clearer speech! 

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