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Communication Skills


SLP Endoscopix assists clients who are having difficulty communicating, in any or all modalities, overcome their challenges. These may include the following: verbal expression, listening comprehension, body language, reading and writing. We provide a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches and help you achieve improved communication in all contexts of your life.

What causes communication difficulties?

Communication difficulties may be developmental (i.e. a child may not acquire specific language skills, as expected for their age). Some individuals may have long-standing communication/ language difficulties, that were not addressed in childhood and have continued into adolescence or adulthood. Mental illness or behavioural disorders may also contribute to communication difficulties, and can make it difficult for individuals to get messages across clearly or understand some communications. Finally, communication or language may be impacted following a stroke, brain injury or as a result of a neuro-degenerative illness. 

How can SLP Endoscopix help?

Whether your communication challenges are developmental, long-standing, newly acquired, or you simply feel that you are not communicating your best in some contexts (e.g. social settings, presentations at work, etc.), SLP Endoscopix can help. Through a comprehensive assessment, we will identify the areas of communication that you struggle with, and work with you to set realistic goals and outcomes. We will then provide evidence-based therapy aimed at improving your expressive communication skills (speaking and/or writing), receptive communication (listening and/or reading) and social communication skills (including body language and subtle social cues). We use a variety of techniques from direct instruction programs, to functional therapeutic activities, to address communication and language challenges, and improve your ability to communicate confidently with friends, classmates, co-workers and anyone you come in contact with. 













Improving public speaking & speaking with confidence in the workplace:

Individuals who are required to give presentations as a part of their job may struggle to do so, or may lack confidence when speaking to a group. SLP Endoscopix can help these clients improve their public speaking skills, and ensure they get their ideas across clearly and confidently. Through a step-wise approach to improved public speaking, and specific strategies to support improved expressive communication skills, SLP Endoscopix can help you become the speaker you want to be!
















Improving acquired language and communication challenges:

Some individuals have acquired language and communication challenges post-stroke, brain injury or as a result of neurodegenerative disorders. In these instances, SLP Endoscopix can help these clients to rehabilitate and/or compensate for their communication impairments. Through the use of multi-modal communication, applications, functional communication strategies and communication-partner training, SLP Endoscopix helps a variety of patients achieve improved communication and/or manage their ongoing communication challenges.  

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