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Executive Functions & School Support 

What causes adolescents or adults to have executive function challenges?

Some adolescents struggle with their executive function skills, secondary to learning challenges, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or reduced opportunity for practice within their environment. In adults, executive function difficulties may be long-standing (present since earlier in life) or may result from neurological changes (such as a traumatic brain injury).

How can SLP Endoscopix help improve executive function skills?

We provide functional therapy to address challenges with executive function skills. This means we will teach you strategies to improve planning, organization, working memory, etc. in a way which supports the current activities and tasks you are engaging in. We then support you in generalizing these strategies to other tasks, activities and contexts; improving your executive function abilities for all facets of your life.

How can SLP Endoscopix help me or my child navigate school supports?

Navigating the process of obtaining supports whether at school age or post-secondary, can be daunting. SLP Endoscopix, in conjunction with the school or institution, can help guide students and parents through this process. This support may include: communication with school staff, accessibility departments, providing input on your child's IEP (as it relates to their executive functions or language skills), and advocating to ensure you/your child obtains the supports required to be successful in their coursework or program of study. 

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