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Speech-Language Pathology Services
for Children, Adolescents and Adults

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About Us

SLP Endoscopix was founded in 2018, by Ilana Klain, Speech-Language Pathologist. The practice was born out of a need for expedited voice and swallowing services in Ontario, and has grown to serve children, adolescents and adults with a variety of speech-language needs.  

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Our Approach

We are focused on integrating evidence-based practice with our clinical expertise and client-centered therapy. This means we use the the best available, current research, combined with honed clinical skills and client goals to ensure the best therapeutic outcomes.

Therapy Services

Therapy Sessions

Getting Started

Each therapy journey begins with a comprehensive assessment. This allows us to:


Understand your concerns and reasons for seeking out SLP services.
Identify a starting point (baseline) prior to beginning intervention.
Develop an effective, evidence-based treatment plan to target the challenges identified in the assessment.
Work jointly with our clients to set functional and realistic goals!


Swallowing Evaluation & Management

SLP Endoscopix offers expedited clinical and endoscopic evaluation of swallowing to adults with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties).

Let's work together to manage your swallowing concerns and keep you swallowing safely!


Voice Assessment & Therapy

Following an examination by an Otolaryngologist (ENT), SLP Endoscopix is able to provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment to individuals experiencing voice challenges and irritable larynx sydrome. 

Let's make your voice work for you!


Speech & Articulation 

At SLP Endoscopix, we offer speech evaluation and treatment focused on improving sound production and overall speech clarity. 

Let's get you speaking clearly and confidently!


Communication Skills

SLP Endoscopix assists clients to identify their communication challenges, and work to improve their social, interpersonal and professional communication skills.

Let us help you communicate effectively in all areas of your life!


Executive Functions & Educational Support

Our practice offers therapy focused on improving executive function skills.


We also assist parents and students with navigating school supports required to achieve academic success. 


Let's build the skills required for school, work and life success!

Service Locations

We offer services throughout the GTA, York Region and Simcoe County.

SLP Endoscopix provides clinical and endoscopic evaluation of swallowing at various clinic locations. Come see us in Midtown Toronto, North York, Scarborough and Barrie, Ontario.


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